The Top Three Winter Home Improvement Projects

by Joe Cooper Columnist

Keeping your home warm and dry through the bitter winter months is the primary goal behind these popular home renovation projects. These tips can also help you save some money. In a struggling economy, cost-efficiency is more important than ever, making heat retention and protection against moisture top priorities for homeowners.

  • Heat Retention: Insulation and Weatherproofing
    Keeping warm, while remaining cost-efficient, is important, and in this year's economy, homeowners are being more diligent than ever. Making small home improvements, like installing a digital thermostat, caulking around doors and windows, and repairing or reinstalling insulation between walls and ceilings are all projects that can help efficiently retain the heat in your home, not to mention the money in your wallet.
  • Exterior Protection: Roofing and Siding
    Protecting your home from nasty winter weather is essential not only to your family's good health and comfort, but also to the life of your home. Maintaining roofing and siding can also extend the life of interior elements like pipes, insulation, ceilings, and walls.
  • Basement Renovation and Waterproofing
    Water and moisture are the top causes of basement damage, so keeping your home protected during wet, winter months is essential. Sometimes, waterproofing is all a basement needs, but a complete basement renovation can be a rewarding winter home improvement project.

Winter is also a great time to take advantage of sales at retail stores and home service companies. Some contractors have greater availability during the winter months, allowing you to be choosy and even negotiate the price you need to get your next home improvement project on its way.

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